My passion was always in the performance arts, but we don’t have things like acting school where I’m from. Well we do, technically, but it isn’t an option. I’m from a poor country, where you study something sciency and drag your family out of poverty with a “real job”. I did that. I got so good at chemistry that I raced through the ranks of a top research laboratory at home, gave my parents a nice retirement home and came over to the USA to further my ambitions.

I now live alone in a little house on the suburbs. The neighbours are nice, although the big dogs don’t like me too much. I head over to midtown everyday for work using the subway with a packed lunch that I cook myself, and a nicely-designed access card with the company logo and “Ramesh Kumar” embossed on it. They sure knew how to make employees feel special. The work is amazing too — The projects, technology and funding at my disposal puts my home country in the shade (Sorry!)

That’s me, chilling in the background!

It gets lonely at times but overall, I can’t complain. Not everyone gets to make good money and realize their passion at the same time. Sometimes you’ve got to work hard to be able to live your dream. If I wasn’t so good at acting, my coworkers wouldn’t be this friendly with me. And if I wasn’t good at chemistry, someone would surely have found the remains of the real Mr. Kumar.

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