Democracy is in danger. Climate change will kill us all. Income inequality is out of line. Life expectancy is declining.

Wherever you look on the internet, the torrent of bad news is inescapable.

This phenomenon has a term — doomscrolling. When you open up your favourite social media or news app/website and scroll through the feed, chances are you see a significant proportion of content that is doom and gloom. There’s no hope for the world. Everything is f*cked.

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That said, Joan Cornella is a legend

Identifying problems is an important function of every profession, and the media does this at scale. …

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that has 2 billion users worldwide, delivering roughly 100 billion messages a day. India is by far its biggest market, with 350 million users.

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An icon your grandma would recognize

It was launched in 2009, and once claimed “Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA”. In 2014 came its acquisition by Facebook for $19 billion, and the inevitable dilution of this principle.

WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy, allowing users time until February 8 to accept the terms. This update is largely clarification of previously vague terms, including one real change — It will now share all the…

Hey there!

In the wake of Instagram’s latest privacy policy update (which Madonna has taken to town), it feels timely to mull over the subject of digital privacy, the phrase which has made this guy a leading contender for Earth’s Most Evil Face.

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But this is every other college nerd. Damn!

This post will cover:

  1. What digital privacy is, and why it’s important
  2. How people have been affected by digital privacy issues
  3. What you can do to take back ownership of your digital footprint

What you are about to read from here is heavily hyperlinked. While I would be honoured if this post is taken at face value…

Even on the most ordinary day, one can find interesting conversation popping up out of nowhere. Now, like most individuals, Tom hated missing the elevator by a whisker. He was low-key overjoyed when he was able to slide in through closing doors just in time, and doubly glad to see his old friend Gerald, who worked in the same building, inside. Working on floors 24 and 25, it was a fair way up, so Tom was glad to spend a couple of minutes with a familiar face.

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Two minutes of hell and awkwardness, usually

Not one moment after exchanging pleasantries, however Gerald asked, “Why do we need…

Genre: Sports documentary series

Personal rating: 8.5/10

Platform: Netflix

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This docu-series was a breath of fresh air in a football media landscape that seems to focus too much on the Hollywood tier clubs and/or players, giving a rather lopsided view of the actual majority of football players and fans who exist in the relative wilderness of mid-table and lower division football. …

“So long as I retain the approval of one person, my existence is vindicated. Just as memories keep one alive long after they die, being forgotten kills them before their heart stops. Today, I still matter.”

Tom gazed another moment at his reflection, adjusted his tie and picked up his bag. It was time to go to work.

Life as CEO of a tech company is extremely stressful, but Tom made it all seem like a breeze. …

Genre: Psychological thriller

Personal rating: 6.5/10

Note: Some spoilers ahead, but harmless in the grand scheme of things

Platform: Netflix

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When something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Dylan Sprouse shines in his portrayal of Lucas Ward, a transfer student. No ordinary one either: Lucas is the Model Student, a polyglot who is attentive and engaging in class, and able to interpret complex texts seemingly effortlessly.

Kent Osborne also shows great range in his portrayal of Mr. Butler — an average English teacher with a mediocre academic record and goals to match. That description may seem harsh…

Genre: Biographical drama

Personal rating: 8/10

Note: If you already know about Bobby Fischer’s life, no spoilers ahead

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Pawn Sacrifice is a 2014 film that tells the story of Bobby Fischer, the enigmatic American chess genius who took the world by storm during his short time in the public eye in the 60s and early 70s.

Tobey Maguire expertly portrays Bobby Fischer — a quiet, draw-hating genius with a stunning ability to deploy variations that confused experts and opponents alike before shining through in the endgame. …

Note 1: This review contains spoilers. So do the Wikipedia pages and Google results of the characters involved. You have been warned.

Note 2: As with most historical dramas and biopics, some facts were modified for dramatic effect.

Personal rating: 7/10

Football fans around the world know all too well the pain of having the season hang in limbo as COVID-19 does a number on the planet. After all, as Darwen mill owner James Walsh says in the first episode, “Football feeds the soul when nothing else in their lives will do it.”

But just how much do us passionate…

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, they say.

Who are ‘they’? Breakfast cereal companies of course. Buy their stuff, and your day goes wayyy better than it would’ve otherwise. Even better, your whole life. Eat breakfast cereal everyday before you leave for school/work/whatever, and you’re destined to become goddamn Einstein.

The propaganda is unreal, and even more unreal is the fact that it works. Their stuff is flying off the shelves. …

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